Daniel Martinez Havana
HAVANA MAMBO Y DANIEL MARTINEZ IZQUIERDO is a Cuban orchestra that amuse with its rhythms and its exhibitions of Cuban dances like salsa, mambo, cha cha cha, and merenghe dominicano. The group is formed exclusively by young professionals and graduated at the Havana Academy of Art and Music. In august l994, called from Romeo Ferrero, they arrives in Italy with the name of Havana Mambo. They interpret their habanera traditional music and they introduce also Salsa and Merengue, becoming very popular in Italy. Continuing therefore the tournée in Italy, they arrive to Turin, in the most typical Latin club, Sabor Latino. They have participated at Sanremo Top, singing and playing with some Italian singers, interpreting an evergreen Italian song in honour of the great Domenico Modugno, "Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu", in Latin merengue version. Today Havana Mambo is ready to satisfy every musical requirement: Mambo, Guaracha, Son, Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Par, Bachata, Latin Jazz and a great interpretat ion of the amusing and difficult Merengue Dominicano. The 97 tournée brought them to Umbria Jazz with Josè Alberto "El Canario", Celia Cruz, El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico, Manolin "El Medico De La Salsa". In October ' 97 at the second “Salone della Musica di Torino”, they have presented their first cd called "Ula Ula". In 1999 Havana Mambo return to Cuba called by Isaac Delgado for Benny Moré Festival. In 2000 the cd "Mambo" sells 128,000 copies. In 2001 it is introduced “Havana Mambo' s ROMANCE” (9 Cuban boleri by Havana Mambo), another success is "Se formò la gozadera", produced in collaboration with DJ Seba and presented in twelve different compilations in Europe. During Midem in Cannes 2002 is presented "Havana Mambo Hasta el amanecer", in 2002: a ballad called "La Mecaniquita" and an instrumental one called "Instrumental Cuba to isla". In 2003 they participate with big success at the Conference of the Salsa in Marseilles. At the Midem in Cannes 2004 they introduce the DVD of this concert. The DVD is distributed in Italy in the series LATIN RHYTHMS by HOBBY&WORK and in U.S.A. from Pimenta records; always in Cannes on January 2004 they participate to the Festival "Les Talents du Sud". In 2005 they launch "Un mojito, una mujer y una bachata".