Daniel Martinez Daniel
Daniel Martinez Izquierdo born in Havana on 14 june 1973. After the military service where he plays in the army’s band, Daniel enters in the group "Steel Son" where plays the steel tenor. Later he make part of the "La Constalaciòn", while he was attending the diploma at Habana conservatory " Ignacio Servantes " in classic guitar (1997). The first important cd is recorded like bass player in the group of Xiomara Laugart "Que manera de quererte". He remains with this group and he becomes the musical director, then he records a cd with Angel Bonnet. Later he enters the band of Eddy Gaitan and becomes musical producer of cd "Te Quiero Tanto". In 2002 he participates to the European tournèe of Alfredo De la Fè collaborating also to the production of his cd; the same year he participates like bass player to the European tournèe of Celia Cruz. Daniel begins the project "ITALUBA" with the famous drummer Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez with two records productions and he participates to the foun dation of the project "Ernestico Cuba Jazz quartet". In 2003 he accompanies with Mercadonegro the famous singer Josè Alberto El Canario, in 2004 he participates to the New York Salsa All Stars and in Spain he collaborates with the singers Luz Casal and Victoria Abril. On November of the same year he accompanies the great guitar’s player Luis Salinas to the Festival Jazz of Madrid. In 2006 his first soloist album "Mi sentir", presented at Midem in Cannes 2006, comes out on 1° May 2006.