Danay Morera, Lor Podevin e Bruna Vietri, they are the young artists, that reenter in a project of the music-publisher Tauri s.r.l., from the title Three Roses. The artists have similar sonorit for their nature, and their passages can often be interpreted over that in Spanish language also in French and Italian language. It happens therefore that in the show, the Three Roses individually sings their passages, and often an initiated song in Spanish, is finished in French or in Italian.

Lor, monegasca, is nicknamed the Yellow Rose because she has written with Raul Frometa "Ameila", passage devoted to Amelia Eahart, famous American aviatrix . Morera, instead, Cuban and in the musical project become the White Rose. She owes the name to the passage "Rose in the soul" (Negrin M. - Sirianni F.), introduced for her candidacy to the Festival of Sanremo 2008, where the soul note defined as a rose white and candid. Finally Bownie, of Tuscan origin but naturalized ligure, the Red Rose for the color her purple hairs, she sings “with one rose” of Vinicio Capossela.